Just be your weird ass self please

So this post is going to be about embracing your unique authenticity. No matter how weird you think you are.  I swear to god I am hands down the weirdest person I know, and my friends literally call me weird all the time. I mean, I own it – at least I’m trying to, butContinue reading “Just be your weird ass self please”

You’re supposed to feel good

Since a long time now, I’ve lived by the phrase: ‘It’s okay not to be okay.’ And while that’s helped me in the past, I realise now I’ve been using it as an excuse. I’ve been clinging to my trauma like a crutch cause I’m too scared to let it go. It’s like I got soContinue reading “You’re supposed to feel good”

Your future is beautiful, but so is your present

Have you ever just looked at your life right now and then compared it to your future life? Like you have such a clear vision and desire for your dreams, and then reality comes and whoops your ass and you’re like well. Damn. I’m actually here. And you want so bad to be there, inContinue reading “Your future is beautiful, but so is your present”

Slow Down

There’s something about living a fast paced life that’s exciting. I went to a party on Friday where I danced hardcore for 4 hours, and I had a lot of fun. But now, I realise I was just trying to forget about life. I do it a lot, actually. I drift from one activity toContinue reading “Slow Down”

Focus on what you have, not what you lack

Focus on the gains, not the losses Focus on what you have, not what you lack Focus on the positives, not on the negatives I have to wear glasses, and stupidly I was stubborn enough to go a whole ass year without wearing either glasses or contacts. I literally forgot what the world looked like.Continue reading “Focus on what you have, not what you lack”

Courage to change

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best version of you? What would you wear? What would you eat? How would you talk to others, and how would you let them talk to you? Would you even look the same as you do now?  We can fill journals upon journalsContinue reading “Courage to change”

Don’t let others disrespect you

Yesterday I called the nursery I volunteer at to tell them I wouldn’t be there this week cause my sister has Covid, and the woman who picked up was just brushing me off like yeah yeah we done here kinda thing, and she said “bye!” in a super cheery passive aggressive kind of way whenContinue reading “Don’t let others disrespect you”

It’s okay to let your guard down

Its okay to give up the fight. Put your sword down, let your barriers break, open up your mind and your heart. It is safe to soften, to open. You don’t have to constantly fight with yourself, or live with inner turmoil simply because you are too afraid of what it would mean to be open.Continue reading “It’s okay to let your guard down”

You is sacred babyyy

You are sacred your words are sacred your body is sacred your mind is sacred your thoughts are sacred your actions are sacred who you are deep down and who you are on the surface are both sacred you are a fucking bomb ass sacred being  you are a star, a queen/king, a god/goddess youContinue reading “You is sacred babyyy”

Letter to my soulmate

We only met once, but there was something about you Maybe it was the way you looked at me, that first time The way you saw straight through me And I couldn’t get you out of my head … I didn’t know you were my soulmate back then And I didn’t know why I couldn’tContinue reading “Letter to my soulmate”