Just be your weird ass self please

So this post is going to be about embracing your unique authenticity. No matter how weird you think you are.  I swear to god I am hands down the weirdest person I know, and my friends literally call me weird all the time. I mean, I own it – at least I’m trying to, butContinue reading “Just be your weird ass self please”

Choose who you spend your time with

Your time is precious. Your time is sacred. Now you can spend your moments with people who tear you down, who make you feel less than and who question your every move. You can choose to spend time with people who make you feel like shit, who potentially catalyse a series of unfortunate events forContinue reading “Choose who you spend your time with”

Your worth is not based off of anything at all

You know what’s actually pretty stupid, but somehow makes sense in my mind? Thinking that I’m not worthy, just because I’m not happy with the way I look. I feel like I base a lot of my worth off of my external appearance, and also how much I can give to other people. And youContinue reading “Your worth is not based off of anything at all”

Don’t let others disrespect you

Yesterday I called the nursery I volunteer at to tell them I wouldn’t be there this week cause my sister has Covid, and the woman who picked up was just brushing me off like yeah yeah we done here kinda thing, and she said “bye!” in a super cheery passive aggressive kind of way whenContinue reading “Don’t let others disrespect you”

Live your life for you

Live your life for you Sing for you Dance for you Don’t do things simply to amaze people, do them for you For so so long I have lived my life for other people, changing my personality depending on who I was with to best suit their needs. I have put my happiness aside, IContinue reading “Live your life for you”

Fill up your cup

What depletes you? What person, situation or circumstance drains your energy? Think of that now, then ask yourself: does this deplete me because it’s genuinely soul sucking, or is my cup just half full? If its the first one, then you needa change something about your life, because I’m telling you no matter how muchContinue reading “Fill up your cup”

Nourishing your inner child

To those who don’t know what your inner child is, it’s a part of your personality that is like your childhood self; the creative, playful parts of you. Somewhere somehow down the line most of us start to block off these parts and become super serious, thinking that the world sucks and life is hardContinue reading “Nourishing your inner child”