Just be your weird ass self please

So this post is going to be about embracing your unique authenticity. No matter how weird you think you are.  I swear to god I am hands down the weirdest person I know, and my friends literally call me weird all the time. I mean, I own it – at least I’m trying to, butContinue reading “Just be your weird ass self please”

You is sacred babyyy

You are sacred your words are sacred your body is sacred your mind is sacred your thoughts are sacred your actions are sacred who you are deep down and who you are on the surface are both sacred you are a fucking bomb ass sacred being  you are a star, a queen/king, a god/goddess youContinue reading “You is sacred babyyy”

Live your life for you

Live your life for you Sing for you Dance for you Don’t do things simply to amaze people, do them for you For so so long I have lived my life for other people, changing my personality depending on who I was with to best suit their needs. I have put my happiness aside, IContinue reading “Live your life for you”