I often wonder what the taste of freedom is I imagine its like a leap of faith Or like reaching out your finger to touch the place  where the sea and the sky meet – Maybe its like holding a piece of moonlight in the base of your palm And drinking from it slowly untilContinue reading “Free”

Why do you doubt your beauty?

Why do you look in the mirror, and start to automatically judge and criticise what you see? Its like you forget the big picture and zoom straight in on the little things you don’t like about yourself, things you consider to be flaws but I bet you nobody else would even blink an eye at.Continue reading “Why do you doubt your beauty?”

Don’t let others disrespect you

Yesterday I called the nursery I volunteer at to tell them I wouldn’t be there this week cause my sister has Covid, and the woman who picked up was just brushing me off like yeah yeah we done here kinda thing, and she said “bye!” in a super cheery passive aggressive kind of way whenContinue reading “Don’t let others disrespect you”

It’s okay to let your guard down

Its okay to give up the fight. Put your sword down, let your barriers break, open up your mind and your heart. It is safe to soften, to open. You don’t have to constantly fight with yourself, or live with inner turmoil simply because you are too afraid of what it would mean to be open.Continue reading “It’s okay to let your guard down”

You don’t have to be a martyr

You know whats really weird? The way I feel like I cant stop helping people, to the point where it becomes self sabotage. Because I base my worth off of helping people – its like why the f am I here if I’m not serving some kind of purpose? So to me its just normalContinue reading “You don’t have to be a martyr”

Let it go

Sometimes I drown in my own pity for no reason whatsoever other than I feel lonely – And I want to move on I want to feel good but something always stops me because it’s afraid of what could be – If things were to get better If I came out of this night I’mContinue reading “Let it go”

Letter to my soulmate

We only met once, but there was something about you Maybe it was the way you looked at me, that first time The way you saw straight through me And I couldn’t get you out of my head … I didn’t know you were my soulmate back then And I didn’t know why I couldn’tContinue reading “Letter to my soulmate”

Fill up your cup

What depletes you? What person, situation or circumstance drains your energy? Think of that now, then ask yourself: does this deplete me because it’s genuinely soul sucking, or is my cup just half full? If its the first one, then you needa change something about your life, because I’m telling you no matter how muchContinue reading “Fill up your cup”

Nourishing your inner child

To those who don’t know what your inner child is, it’s a part of your personality that is like your childhood self; the creative, playful parts of you. Somewhere somehow down the line most of us start to block off these parts and become super serious, thinking that the world sucks and life is hardContinue reading “Nourishing your inner child”

Finding my voice

I’ve had a problem with sharing my voice for months now. It’s the strangest thing – it happens during family dinners, calls with people and even sometimes with my friends. Like I’ll be at the table and we get around to the favourite topic of what I’m doing after high school, and my voice literallyContinue reading “Finding my voice”