Your worth is not based off of anything at all

You know what’s actually pretty stupid, but somehow makes sense in my mind? Thinking that I’m not worthy, just because I’m not happy with the way I look. I feel like I base a lot of my worth off of my external appearance, and also how much I can give to other people. And youContinue reading “Your worth is not based off of anything at all”

Why do you doubt your beauty?

Why do you look in the mirror, and start to automatically judge and criticise what you see? Its like you forget the big picture and zoom straight in on the little things you don’t like about yourself, things you consider to be flaws but I bet you nobody else would even blink an eye at.Continue reading “Why do you doubt your beauty?”

You is sacred babyyy

You are sacred your words are sacred your body is sacred your mind is sacred your thoughts are sacred your actions are sacred who you are deep down and who you are on the surface are both sacred you are a fucking bomb ass sacred being  you are a star, a queen/king, a god/goddess youContinue reading “You is sacred babyyy”

Victimhood Consciousness

To me, victimhood consciousness is anytime you’re giving your power away to something externally, whether that be a person, or a situation. As a child we all naturally have this state of mind because we think life is happening ‘to’ us, so if someone says something mean to you you take it super personally andContinue reading “Victimhood Consciousness”

Body love

Who here has struggled with body confidence? I have, my mom has, my sister has, my friends have…that’s literally everybody. I mean, forget the confidence part, cause I feel like that comes later. Right now, you might actually hate your body. I used to look in the mirror and then feel a pit in theContinue reading “Body love”