Lost at sea

In a shipwreck on a stormy sea

A girl was lost

to the tormented waves that


in the moonlight 

And there she spun, 

around and around

in a tidal of confusion

In swirls

of merciless agony

And as the sky shifted to dawn

And the sun melted into the water,

It smoothened into something

like pearls

And she awoke

Finding that she had clung onto 

a piece

of driftwood

She waited there,

with the waters ebbing and flowing

But there was no one to rescue her

And the wind whispered seductively into her ear

Telling her to cling on for just

a little while


But in the time it took 

for the sun

to half its arc across the sky,

she knew deep inside that she was 

lost, that

she was alone.

And so she took the piece 

and she started to swim

Her strokes were long and fluid

And her limbs carried her far

And when the land was seen through her watery eyes

It was nearly time for the sun to bid the world goodnight

And the stars

to fill the darkness

with their light

But her arms were sore

And she couldn’t bear to carry anything


So she 



And watched as the wood bobbed away


into the dark sea

And the girl trusted that the

waves would

carry her 

to shore. 

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