Choose who you spend your time with

Your time is precious. Your time is sacred. Now you can spend your moments with people who tear you down, who make you feel less than and who question your every move. You can choose to spend time with people who make you feel like shit, who potentially catalyse a series of unfortunate events for the rest of your day just because they made you feel that way. Or you can take that time and spend it with people who empower you, who lift you up and make you feel like a million bucks. People who nurture you, who care about you and want to see you shine like a thousand suns – and who will help you get there. I swear to you the conversations that you have with people little by little will affect you, either positively or negatively. 

For example yesterday, I had a conversation with someone who asked what the book I am writing was about. I told him pretty briefly, and then without even reading it he starts to literally empower the shit out of me saying that I’m insanely talented, my ideas and my words are gold dust and that I could make millions out of this, simply because my mind is the only limit on what is possible. And I kid you not I started to tear up real quick cause I was like hot damn nobody has empowered me to that extent before like I was literally feeling so proud of myself and so worthy, and the realisation of my own potential kind of hit me in that moment.

It’s conversations like those, and people like that, that can make all the difference in your life. If you are voluntarily spending your time with the same old people who complain and talk about stuff you don’t care about, or are even just super negative and hyper critical about everything, then why the crap are you still with them? Why are you giving them the time of day? If a person no longer resonates with you, then it’s better to just let them go, even if that means slowly distancing yourself from them so as not to hurt their feelings. But you know what? You are precious and worthy of people who see that you are precious and worthy. Every conversation is an energy exchange. You need to protect your energy, because it is valuable and sacred. Don’t go mixing with the wrong people who are going to suck your energy, and leave you feeling more drained and depleted after being around them than you were just being alone. You will know if someone is this kind of person; just pay attention to how you feel when you are with them, and afterwards. Because if you feel inspired, uplifted, positive, peaceful, nurtured…the list goes on – that’s the kind of person you should be spending time with. I mean hell, even who you let touch you. Again, that’s an energy exchange. Don’t shake someone’s hand out of courtesy if you don’t want to, and hugging is even worse. Sometimes people will just straight up come into your personal space, and it’s on you to tell them kindly to back up a lil. Like your body is a freaking masterpiece; don’t you dare let anyone touch it if you feel uncomfortable with that. 

Sometimes though, it’s hard to distance yourself from someone if you have to see them often because of work or school, or if they are in your family. You are going to encounter negative people in your life, unavoidable people who knowingly or unknowingly may try to take you down. But again, this is your energy, and you have the power in the situation, always. I’m really sensitive to other people’s energies because I’m an empath, and I used to find it really hard to not get sucked up by someone’s negativity. I could probably write a whole blog post on that alone, so I’ll shorten this for this one. But I found that protecting my own energy was the single biggest thing I could do, the thing that helped that absolute most. Some ways to protect your energy that worked for me are: visualising a shield of light around your body before you leave the house (make sure there’s a gap in the shield at the top of your head and at the base of your feet), wearing protective crystals (I used shungite, but find one that you are drawn to and that resonates with you. If you don’t wear necklaces or other jewellery that could contain the crystal, you can always carry a small one in your pocket), and the last is setting an intention. In the morning before you leave the house, you could set an intention like ‘May my spirit guides and ancestors protect me from all unwanted energies throughout the day. May I be protected and safe.’ If there’s a will, there’s a way 😉

I hope this helped you! May you have the courage to choose yourself, to be yourself, and to love yourself. Thank you for reading this!


Lanie ❤️

Published by Lanie

Hello! I'm a 17 year old writer/poet from London, my favourite colour is lilac, and I guess my biggest aim is to help people love and value themselves - to see their inherent worthiness. I hope you enjoy my content!

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