I often wonder what

the taste of freedom is

I imagine its like a leap of faith

Or like

reaching out your finger

to touch the place 

where the sea and the sky


Maybe its like holding a piece of moonlight

in the base of your palm

And drinking from it slowly

until you glow

in the darkness

Is it like the cries of your ancestors?

Like the howls of people long gone

Oppressed and worked to the bone

Only to watch you standing here

in a similar predicament?

Does it just go around and around

This longing

Like a dog chasing its tail

Like something without end…

Is it something impossible to grasp, this freedom?

Impossible to hold, to touch and taste

Impossible to convey in words

Other than a longing to run wild 

and scream and cry at the top of your lungs

without a single thought

A single care

And sometimes I wish

I could be something else

Like a bird

Something more simple

Something that could fly

And sometimes I think I will never 

be free

from this mental prison.

A cage

I have put myself in

A cage

that feels like it would be so much harder

to break free from

than a real one

Because when everything appears to be an illusion

what more can I crave

what more could be freeing,

than reality itself?

4 thoughts on “Free

    1. Hello! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I don’t really read other blogs, so unfortunately I can’t tell you any which go over the same topics. But I did look at a couple posts from two bloggers which I enjoyed, so maybe you would too? They are called Sacred Soul Mysteries, and Emotions Passion.


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