Courage to change

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best version of you? What would you wear? What would you eat? How would you talk to others, and how would you let them talk to you? Would you even look the same as you do now? 

We can fill journals upon journals with dreams, and vision boards with ideas about what we want our future to look like, but the moment it seems as though it’s actually happening, sometimes we back out. Sometimes our mind is just like yeah no Im actually scared shitless of success and getting these things like it was cool while it was still a goal and something to work towards, but now that it looks like its damn close or literally about to happen its not okay. Like hello, mind, why?

Sometimes change is a choice. Sometimes, it’s choosing between repeating the old negative thought cycles, patterns and behaviours that don’t serve us anymore, and newness. Growth. Success. Everything you could possibly want to be and more, everything the Universe has in store for you. Are you blocking your blessings because you are afraid of what it would mean to have them? Are you ashamed of your desires, or do you feel like you should have to work hard for them and that it can’t possibly be that easy? Cause your ego will put up a storm if you have beliefs like that. Your ego will shut that shit down the moment it gets too real, the moment all that change is brewing. Cause the thing is, change is really scary, but only in our minds. It’s actually just beautiful in reality. The process of change is a naturally unfolding one, and it’s one of the only constant things in life, which seems kinda ironic. It’s really funny how we try to delay it. Like my ego went crazy big time in the anxiety, obsessive and intrusive thoughts department recently, and I believe a big part of that was because of my fear of change. It’s been getting better, and today I decided I wanted to write a blog post for the first time in a while. And it went crazy again. The thing is, sometimes its really hard to distinguish illusion from reality, and you think okay maybe i’ll put doing that thing on hold cause I’m clearly not mentally ready. But sometimes, it’s just your mind tricking you because it likes the comfort zone, it likes playing it safe. 

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone will feel like you’re going against yourself, but sometimes thats the only way to get unstuck. Because we can prolong the onset of change, simply because on a subconscious level we refuse, and that manifests itself as all kinds of things. But you know what change gonna come anyway, so whats stopping you from accepting that? Whats blocking you from change, from leaping into whatever you want to be doing, from becoming who you want to be? Embracing change is embracing life, and embracing life equals a better one! Is there an action you can take, something that gets you out of your comfort zone? Getting out of your comfort zone is amazing, because it’s scary as shit, but afterwards you realise woah, that felt so good. 

But sometimes, embracing change can be as simple as surrendering to it. No matter what barriers and defences the ego may put up, just know that little by little they will come down, and day by day it gets easier. Time helps the most with stuff like that, because the thing is you can’t rush change either. Having the courage to change is choosing love over fear, is choosing a version of yourself that is more aligned with your highest self, with your soul. Having the courage to change is embracing change, even when it sucks and feels difficult, because usually the end destination is something positive and beautiful. And that place is a comfortable one; its always the transition that isn’t. But you are brave, and you can run with change, you don’t have to fight it any longer. Fighting change is a loosing battle, because it’s a force so much more powerful than anything you can imagine. Yeah, the ego’s scared (don’t identify with that fear), but the souls like hell yeah let’s do this! So feel into the soul, and try not to get wrapped up in the ego which can lead to something supa dupa messy.

So, take a deep breath, and relax. Remember that change is safe, even if it feels scary. Whats on the other side of this is something so beautiful and pure and radiant that you’ll never believe it until you’re living in it. And you’re going to be there; you didn’t come this far to back out now, did you? 

So I promise you, just take it one day at a time, be patient and surrender, and try do things that get you out of your comfort zone even if they’re super small. Because one day you’ll wake up and be like holy shit; I did it. You are so brave, you are so loved and protected. Your spirit guides are protecting you and guiding you through this; everything’s going to be okay, and you are so much closer than you think. 

Thank you for reading this! I hope this helped somebody.

Love, Lanie❤️

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