Don’t let others disrespect you

Yesterday I called the nursery I volunteer at to tell them I wouldn’t be there this week cause my sister has Covid, and the woman who picked up was just brushing me off like yeah yeah we done here kinda thing, and she said “bye!” in a super cheery passive aggressive kind of way when I was still trying to tell her to pass on another message. I was like “excuse me!” and there was silence for a second on the other end before she hung up. And for some reason that really triggered something in me and I just burst into tears. Because I guess it reminded me of how I used to behave, when I let people walk all over me and interrupt me mid sentence – basically let them disrespect me, because I didn’t want to feel like an inconvenience by stating my boundaries and what I felt comfortable with. 

And I feel like yeah, sometimes people are going to disrespect you, maybe not even because they don’t like you but because they’re having a crappy day and they literally just don’t give a shit. But regardless, you should never let someone treat you in a way that makes you feel inferior or crappy yourself. Like I don’t care if you inconvenience their lives in any way by making them stop and think about how they treat you. 

You are worthy of being treated with respect, and you’re going to have to tell people hey, I’m not comfortable with the way you just treated me – even if its hard to say that at first. Like if someone yells at you, and it makes you feel disrespected or small in any way, then let them know kindly that they didn’t need to yell at you. Some people may laugh in your face, and in that case they’re just idiots, but most of the time people don’t realise they’re being disrespectful or too harsh with you. The more you speak up when someone makes you feel small or uncomfortable, the less people are going to actually treat you that way. 

You take back your power every time you do that, and people will sense that about you. Do you think if Oprah or someone like that walked into a room, people would walk all over her? No, because she has that you cant fuck with me attitude that people automatically sense, simply because she is in her power. 

You can also be in your power, and sometimes that means letting people know when they’ve crossed the line, even if they might not care, even if it makes you feel stupid or uncomfortable to do so. You are not an inconvenience, you are not a waste of space, and your opinion and your emotions matter. Some people will just flat out not like you, and thats totally okay, but that does not give them the right to disrespect you in any way. 

So stop letting yourself be trampled on and start standing up for yourself! 

Im going to have to call that place back and finish my sentence, which I’m not looking forward to, but ima do it anyway! Okay now I’m laughing at myself….

I hope this was a kick up ya booty and I hope it helped! Thank you for reading this.

Love, Lanie ❤️

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