Releasing AnXietY

Okay I hope the title of this didn’t give you anxiety.

A lot of times anxiety stems from irrational thoughts, which tend to be disturbing. And you don’t wanna deal with that so then you avoid it by distracting yourself with other stuff, right? But by avoiding it you’re kinda just telling your brain ‘hey this is a big deal’, so that makes it into even more of a big deal. 

Sometimes, my anxiety can literally feel like a monster in my mind, like something that lives in the deep dark parts that for some reason hate me and want to sabotage my life. I feel completely powerless to it. But I know its just my lower ego acting out of fear, what it does best, and that it’s not really personal. The lower ego is just programmed to act out of fear to keep you safe, so by having this anxiety, it thinks its actually helping you. And the only way to let go of the anxiety, is to let the lower ego know that hey, it’s safe. 

You’re safe. 

This is going to sound really weird, but one of the things I get SUPER bad anxiety about is when someone I know is really intuitive. Like once I did work experience with this homeopath who was like that, and he told me stuff about me that he could have literally never known (because I asked him to…dumb idea). And that day when I got home the irrational thoughts started and I was like holy shit what if he can read my mind right now, or see me when I’m naked or something, or what if I project a mental image to him by accident? Like literally, face palm. But you already know I couldn’t sit in meditation, or sit still alone at all for that matter, and it was like a god damn category 5 hurricane in my mind. But you know what, sometimes you just have to face it. I forced myself to sit down, and take deep breaths until I was calmer. I tried to keep my mind blank, which obviously didn’t work, but every time a thought came up I just accepted it, and let it go. And you bet I was fucking squirming the whole time cause disturbing thoughts were coming up and I still had that fear he could see it in the back of my mind, but I was like ‘Lanie. You are being irrational right now. It’s not true! I accept this thought, and I let it go.’

When you accept your thoughts, you’re telling your brain that its okay to think whatever the hell you want to. So you’re basically releasing control, but you don’t know it. Smartttt.

Some other things that have really helped me in the past are:

  1. Definitely, ground yourself. All that anxiety is mental energy, and you best believe you ain’t in your body when that happens. So get into your body. If you accept your thoughts, accept that you’re having this anxiety at all in the first place, then get into your body – boom. It’s like magic. Exercise, breath work (particularly deep belly breaths and alternate nostril breathing), and spending time in nature are all ways to get grounded. With the nature one, find a place where you feel safe, even if its in your backyard. Take off your shoes and socks and just stand with your knees soft and your hands on your heart. Close your eyes and breathe. You can focus your attention on the soles of your feet, and visualise red roots going deep into the soil from them. Another thing you can do is literally lie down on the ground, close your eyes and breathe. Then start with your feet, and say mentally ‘My feet are heavy as two rocks, and they sink into the ground.’ Do this with every part of your body until you reach your head, and your body will feel so heavy and relaxed – it’s amazing. 
  2. With the irrational thoughts also, something that really helps is writing them all down. Kinda like stream of consciousness style. And I promise you, when you read over them or even as you write them, you’ll be like okay. This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. But I mean, don’t judge yourself, cause we gotta accept our thoughts, remember? This way you can see the thought physically, and that makes it less scary, and gives your mind less power over you. 
  3. Do anti-anxiety meditations on youtube. Also type in EFT tapping for anxiety, if you feel like you can’t meditate. This might be a good way to start if your anxiety is really bad and you’re too scared to face it without any external support. But then again, if it is super bad, please go to a therapist or energy healer. 
  4. Forgive yourself for having these thoughts, and the anxiety. I’d say this is probably the last step, because you know you’ve let go of it if you forgive yourself. 

Another thing: anxiety is totally normal to get and you’re not going to release it for good. These things will just release it when it comes, and are especially useful if your anxiety feels debilitating in any way. 

I hope this helps you! You are strong and powerful, and you are in control of your mind. I wish you peace,

Lanie ❤️

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