You is sacred babyyy

You are sacred

your words are sacred

your body is sacred

your mind is sacred

your thoughts are sacred

your actions are sacred

who you are deep down and who you are on the surface are both sacred

you are a fucking bomb ass sacred being 

you are a star, a queen/king, a god/goddess

you are the centre of the universe, your universe

you are gravity, you are the sun the moon and the stars

you are fucking everything in existence so don’t you ever dare doubt how special you are

your ancestors did not fight and die for you to sit here twiddling your thumbs and drowning in self pity

because you are a bomb ass being, and you came here to work your magic and make shit happen

and they are so proud of you already, know that

but you have stuff to do so get off ya lazy booty and go out there and be yourself!

mwahhhh !!!

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