Fill up your cup

What depletes you? What person, situation or circumstance drains your energy?

Think of that now, then ask yourself: does this deplete me because it’s genuinely soul sucking, or is my cup just half full?

If its the first one, then you needa change something about your life, because I’m telling you no matter how much you fill up your cup, that thing is going to continue depleting you. 

Recently, I started volunteering at a nursery for 5 hours a day. All I do is basically play with the kids (I like the 2 to 3 year olds) and make sure they don’t kill each other. But I’ve been finding that afterwards I feel depleted. And when I get home, what should be the time to fuel my creativity and write my book, I feel like I have to spend it replenishing my mind since I have no mental energy left to spare. And that’s so frustrating!

But what I realised from this experience, is that I’m giving from a cup half full. I genuinely like volunteering there, and I know it’s not soul sucking. The thing is, if I just spend the whole day alone not talking to anyone, I’m totally fine. But I can’t even remember the last time I spent this long every day caring for other people, so because I’m giving more than usual, I know I have to spend the time I do have for myself by filling up my cup. 

Because if I can get to the place where I am overflowing, I will never feel depleted. 

Way too many people think it’s normal to feel tired or drained after their day, every single day. But I don’t think life should be this balancing act of you getting drained so let’s just spend the rest of your free time using coping mechanisms to ‘fill’ you up again. What about feeling energised by life? What about feeling good after a day of work?

And not only would you feel so much better in general, you would also be able to give so much more. 

I wanna be so overflowing with love and joy and contentment and peace that I can give to whoever, whenever, for as long as they need. I want to truly be of service to people and make their hearts sing. And I’ve felt so selfish because I haven’t been filling up my cup properly, and I’ve spent hours alone in my room doing yoga and meditation as coping mechanisms just to get through the day, so by the time I come downstairs to my family, not only do we have less time together, but I also feel as though I can’t really give to them because I get too depleted. So it’s this thing of wanting to give, but being unable to because I can’t even give enough to myself in the first place. 

You need to give to yourself, to fill up your cup until you are overflowing so you can give to others to the best of your ability. So you can show up as the best version of yourself in your life, so you can truly make a difference.

Sometimes though, it’s not that a particular ongoing person or situation is soul sucking, but maybe something bad happens in your day, or you come across someone who gives who bad vibes and is super negative. Don’t give them your power. Don’t let them drain you, and turn your day upside down. What really helped me was to create energetic boundaries around myself to stop my energy being leaked out to the wrong people, and to stop their energy affecting me. 

This is something I do every morning before I leave my room and make any social interaction whatsoever: Visualise light forming a shield around you, leaving a gap at the top of your head for light from the Universe to come through, and a gap at the bottom for the earth’s grounding energy to come through. Its kinda like a bubble of light, and it can be whatever colour you want. The different colours feel like different energies: for me, blue is protective, whereas yellow is more confidence, and green is earth energy. 

So now that you know how to set energetic boundaries to prevent external things depleting you, here are some things that can fill up your cup so you can enjoy your life and truly give to others:

  • Taking walks in nature – if you take a slow walk, even if its not a long one, and you take the time to appreciate all the flowers and leaves on the trees, to smell the air and feel the wind against your skin, you will feel truly nourished. I have to walk 20 minutes to that nursery and 20 minutes back, and at first I was pissed, but then I began to realise how much of a godsend it was. Walking grounds you, clears your mind and hello, exercise. 
  • Doing things that you love to do – this is pretty self explanatory. I suggest making a mind map or a list of all the things you love to do (especially if you don’t have time to do them), and then prioritise the ones you love the most. Make time each day, even if its for 5 minutes, to do one of those things. 
  • Gratitude- the thing is, we have SO many blessings in our lives right now, yet we always focus on what we don’t have, or what we might have in the future. Well guess what, none of that is important, because its all in your head! I really struggle with gratitude, especially because I used to have such a negative outlook on life. This is something that definitely takes practise, and for me, gratitude affirmations on youtube really helped. But this could also tie in with the first point about taking walks because the more you appreciate life, the more grateful you will start to become. You start to see the magic and blessings in the ordinary, in stuff you never even think about, like what it is to actually breathe. What also may help is every morning, right when you get out of bed, take a look around you or at your body and find one thing you can be grateful about, and say thank you. You may not feel blessed or grateful at first, but just saying it alone may help brighten your day, and eventually you will start to feel gratitude. Just don’t force it on yourself – patience baby. 
  • Read a cozy book – whatever lights you up and makes you feel safe and warm inside. For me, its romance 😉
  • Another great way is to actually let other people take care of you. Let yourself be held, let other people make meals for you, let other people give you compliments and gifts if they choose. The more you are open to receive, both from the Universe and from other people, the more your cup will naturally be filled. 

So those were just some of the ideas I could think of right now, but theres totally a lot more. If you guys have anything that you do to fill up your cup, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Thank you for reading this, I hope it helped you.


Lanie 🙂

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