Victimhood Consciousness

To me, victimhood consciousness is anytime you’re giving your power away to something externally, whether that be a person, or a situation.

As a child we all naturally have this state of mind because we think life is happening ‘to’ us, so if someone says something mean to you you take it super personally and don’t think about why they might have said it – all you know is now you feel like crap and so you’re going to store that information in your subconscious or run home to mommy crying and wanting her to fix your problems for you. And that’s totally okay and natural, because it’s probably evolutionary that we have that mindset, however as we get older, and especially into adulthood, that kind of mentality leads to some serious issues.

For me, I have this victimhood consciousness when I feel unworthy. Because feeling unworthy leads to byproducts of this type of consciousness like seeking external approval and validation, caring what other people think about you, and giving your power away to others by letting them tell you how to live your life and forcing their opinions down your throat. And also anxiety is a huge one. Hell, anytime I’m overthinking I literally feel so helpless to my mind and I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably do another post just on overthinking and OCD cause I’ve struggled with those big time.

And it can be really hard to escape this victim consciousness. It feels like a mental prison, and you constantly are in search of freedom. I know for me I’ve always been in search of some kind of external freedom, because I never wanted to face that I was the one keeping myself in a cage. I kinda love birds for this reason…and also my spirit guides send me messages with the birds – hence the name of this blog!

Anywayyyy when you’re in this state of mind where everything is happening ‘to’ you and life sucks and you want to curl up into a ball and never talk to anyone again, it can be really really hard to not spiral. Because one little thought or one thing that someone said to you can start to trigger a cascade of other thoughts and even old feelings you thought you had let go of to come back and bite you in the ass. It can be really hard to catch yourself, and to choose a higher thought.

But the more you practice meditation and mindfulness, the easier it will be to catch yourself in this state of mind. If you’re strong willed, technically you could find a quiet place and sit down, take deep breaths and try to clear your mind. Then say aloud or in your head ‘I accept these thoughts, and I let them go. I choose to be happy. My mind is aligned with my soul, and works for my highest good.’

It kind of depends how deep you are before you decide to shift your energy, cause this is actually pretty hard to do when your thoughts and feelings get your vibration so low you lack the motivation to improve anything. It’s kind of that ‘screw it’ mentality. Like ima eat junk food and talk shit about myself and do self destructive things because look at me I don’t give a damnnn….

No. Sometimes, you just gotta get yourself in a quiet place (a bathroom stall if you’re in public), take a long deep breath and let it out. Put your hands on your heart and feel it beating, continuing to take deep breaths. This is going to recenter yourself and allow you to go back to whatever you were doing before with more of a clean slate. The thing is, we then look at our thoughts and our self destructive behaviours and think ‘what’s wrong with me why do I always do that’ or ‘I can’t believe I thought those things again or did that to myself’. Its easy to judge ourselves and that only propagates this mind-heart battle going on. At every stage you just have to accept your thoughts. Say or think ‘I accept my thoughts, and I forgive myself for thinking them.’ You’re gonna have to forgive yourself over and over again, but remember that that’s okay because you’re human and you get triggered and you make mistakes- it’s all cool.

If you’re really feeling low and shitty and you don’t even wanna do anything like changing your mindset, there are a couple low effort things you can do to switch up your vibe. Like doing restorative or yin yoga – find a youtube video and do it on your bed or on a carpet, using pillows to rest on. Because I promise you moving your body will feel so good and taking care of yourself even if you don’t want to will always always make you feel better.

And I know this is kind of a running theme in these blog posts, but use music – not sad music cause I know thats tempting, but something that’s still uplifting, even if its not super crazy and fast paced. I really like this artist called Jhené Aiko and I listen to some of the songs from her album Chilombo when I’m in these moods cause they’re beautiful and light and soft. Kinda what you need.

Ooh also EFT tapping! There are mountains of these on Youtube for literally everything. It takes much less effort than meditation and feels like you’re actually doing something. If you have a specific issue, like unworthiness, that keeps you in this victim mentality, then you can find a video on it. Brad Yates has literally done every single thing that exists ever, and he feels really safe if you’re super disempowered and scared. Another good person is Renee Millman – she feels really gentle and nurturing. And if you need someone to empower you if you just feel like crap, Gala Darling is your girl.

So yeah! Anything you can do to raise your vibration and feel better about yourself automatically helps, then it’s just about changing your mindset and releasing the old traumas that keep you stuck in that mentality.

Remember, that it’s not going to go away overnight, and you can’t force getting over it. I usually just want to be a bad ass bitch walking down the street and feel super empowered and pretend I don’t give a damn what people think of me…except I’m projecting this false image of myself cause I’m not really there yet. And forcing it actually slows down the process.

You just have to accept completely where you’re at, and that shifting your mentality from victimhood into empowerment is literally shifting your life from 3D to 5D, or from surviving mode and barely getting by to thriving mode and creating your life and manifesting with ease. So it’s kind of a big deal and you don’t wanna rush those things, ya know?

So I hope this post was helpful for you guys and I really hope you are releasing all your old stuff to allow more beautiful things into your life because you deserve that, truly.

If anyone has anything they like to do to uplift them or release victimhood mentality, please feel free to leave a comment!


Lanie 🙂

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