Nourishing your inner child

To those who don’t know what your inner child is, it’s a part of your personality that is like your childhood self; the creative, playful parts of you.

Somewhere somehow down the line most of us start to block off these parts and become super serious, thinking that the world sucks and life is hard so you can’t have fun, or that imagination is a waste of time. I mean, hell, I’m only 17 and even I struggle with this.

But life without playfulness has no enjoyment. It’s boring. It does suck. Sometimes when we get in these states of mind we feel like we just have to wait it out, like ‘okay tomorrow I’ll wake up and I’m not gonna be bored. Some miracle is gonna happen overnight and life will be all roses and dandelions.’


I was literally stuck in this same damn cycle for the past few days, pretty much depressed, wondering when the hell life would get exciting. But what I was actually missing, was that childlike playfulness and wonder about life, that curiosity and carefree spontaneity. That spark that makes you feel like holy crap I’m alive, this is air I’m breathing and look! I can dance like a goofball.

Because the truth is that life is supposed to be enjoyed. You are supposed to feel good, hell, even amazing most of the time. And I think we get so caught up living in the ‘I have so much crap to do I have no time to enjoy anything’ mindset that we don’t take a moment to pause and remember why we even started doing all that crap in the first place. For example, sometimes I’m like okay I need to write my book for this length of time, right here right now even though I don’t feel like it and I know I ain’t gonna be in flow but whatever I’m forcing myself to. Like no, you are supposed to enjoy the process of what you do, and in those moments I have to recenter myself and remember why I am writing a book in the first place – because it’s actually fun for me.

You see? And I think you can make anything fun, even stuff you don’t wanna do like chores. Put on some music and dance while you sweep the floor or cook. And if your excuse is ‘I don’t have time to enjoy life’ well ma’am you gotta take a look at your priority list and switch around a few things, cause we all got time.

Soo, other ways that you can nourish your inner child could be through physically taking care of your body. The inner child corresponds with the root chakra, which also corresponds with the physical body. So do exercise that’s fun for you, whether that be dance, yoga, walking…whatever it is. Cook yourself a delicious, healthy meal, and drink your water 😉

Personally, listening to music from my childhood while dancing and singing to it, especially with my sister, is a lot of fun and feels really nourishing to my inner child. And watching Disney movies cause…enough said.

Allow time every day to create something, or to be spontaneous, like going for a drive without knowing where you’ll end up. Imagination is so important and beautiful to delve into, and it’s amazing to create random crap that has no significance whatsoever that no one will ever see, just because you feel like it. Maybe you could start an art journal, and dedicate some time every weekend to do one page. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and Youtube for art journals. Or you could do poetry, or write a short story. Whatever it is, just try a ton of things before one strikes a chord with you, and then stick with that. Because I promise you, playing with creativity is one of the best ways to feel that deep nourishment, and it replenishes your mind and soul.

So thank you of reading this far, and I’d love to know what activities you do or are willing to try to nourish your inner child.


Lanie 🙂

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