Body love

Who here has struggled with body confidence?

I have, my mom has, my sister has, my friends have…that’s literally everybody. I mean, forget the confidence part, cause I feel like that comes later. Right now, you might actually hate your body.

I used to look in the mirror and then feel a pit in the bottom of my stomach, because I thought I was ugly. But what I’ve come to realise, is that it doesn’t even matter what you look like, because you can and will find a way to poke holes in yourself. You could be a damn supermodel and be self conscious about your weight, or your nose, or literally anything that only you seem to feel is ‘wrong’ with you.

And none of it is true.

Like for me, I’ve had acne for 2 years now, and this lead me to hating photos, avoiding mirrors, and practically tearing up if I saw my face. But if that experience has taught me anything, it’s to accept yourself exactly as you are, and continue living your life anyway. My acne was from deeper issues with self confidence and self worth, which is why I’ve had it for so long and only now it’s starting to fade. But I’ve learned to love myself anyway, and see the beauty in it.

I think you can turn anything you feel is ugly or even disgusting about yourself into something beautiful. You can write a poem about it, you can look at whatever it is and say ‘this is my body, and it is beautiful exactly the way it is right now’. You can even write down what it is about your body that you dislike, and how it makes you feel. Then you can cross out all those words and rewrite them with beautiful ones. Like with my acne I felt it was disgusting, ugly and gross to look at. So I wrote about it and the scars I had in a different way: it was a testament to all the emotional pain I had been through, a testament to how strong I was. Like battle scars. My body wasn’t acting out because it hated me; it was doing the best it could and it was simply overloaded.

All your body needs is for you to love it.

If you have a disease or something similar, and that’s what you dislike about your body, always know that your body knows exactly how to heal and that there’s usually a deeper reason behind whatever physical symptom you’re experiencing. Even if you’re trying to lose weight: accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment and know that the body takes time to heal and change, and every step in that journey is beautiful.

I used to look at my body in the mirror and hate what I saw. Why are we so mean to our bodies? They literally do everything for us. I mean if you had no body you couldn’t jump, or run or dance or taste food, or swim in the sea, or hug people, or even look at the world. No matter how low you feel, how much you hate yourself, as long as you are breathing, your heart is beating. Your heart keeps pumping blood no matter what. Your body doesn’t give up – if you have a wound, it heals. Your body is always healing and working for you. It doesn’t ask anything in return, only love.

What may help is right before you take a shower, stand naked in front of your mirror and take a deep breath. Look at your body and notice what thoughts or emotions come up for you. Say aloud or in your head ‘I accept how I feel about my body. And I accept my body exactly as it is. I thank my body for all it does for me, every single day.’

Self acceptance is the first step to self love. If you don’t love your body now, start by at least accepting it. Over time, you will look in that mirror and absolutely love what you see. Cause you’re beautiful, and you always have been 🙂

Also if you don’t already have one, get yourself a playlist with songs that make you feel good about yourself! 2 songs I like are Juice by Lizzo, and Mirror by Sigrid.

I dare you to listen to them while looking at yourself in the mirror, and if you know the words sing them to yourself. Cause that’s gonna make you feel realll good.

I hoped this helped somebody! Let me know if it did in the comments below, and what songs you like that make you feel amazing….


Lanie 🙂

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