Fall into forever

This is the title of a beautiful song by Daughter of the Moon, and though it’s lyrics don’t really fit what I’m going to write about, I feel like the title does perfectly.

I keep getting the message that this summer is the time when all the things I have been manifesting for a while now are finally coming to fruition, and this is going to be a seriously transformational period. It kinda already feels like that.

But I keep catching myself dreaming about the future and looking at my life now and not being satisfied by it, because I’m comparing the two. I mean, I’m a pisces, I can’t really blame my imagination, but I know I have to not dwell in it and instead surrender completely to this journey and to life, because it’s taking me exactly where I need to be. And I find that so insanely difficult. It sounds counterintuitive right, cause how is anything going to change if I’m not doing anything?

It’s like I have to constantly be ‘on’ and keep doing things, like spending hours writing my book until my eyes go crazy and I feel like crap cause I wasn’t taking care of myself in the process. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s summer and I’m supposed to be having a break!

I guess I’m just super worried about the future, because I don’t know what I’m going to do next year after school is finished, only that I have this craving to go to Peru and I start to tear up every time I see the word Curandera (which is like a medicine woman).

So it seems everything is just crying out for me to surrender to the unknown, and literally fall into forever because there is nothing else to do – none of this is even my responsibility anymore.

The best way I’ve found in the past to surrender is to get into flow with something I love to do, because then you just become one with whatever you’re creating. Like writing my book, or dancing like a psycho in my underwear 😉

I’ve realised by now that surrendering is more of a process than a one time thing, unless something super traumatic happens and it’s a down-on-your-knees moment. So I guess I’m just learning to surrender even deeper to life in every single moment, and to truly appreciate what I do have in this moment, because by dreaming away into the future it feels somewhat like wasting away in the present. If that makes sense.

So, I’d love to know if there’s anything in your life right now that you’re being called to surrender to, and what practices you do to let yourself surrender fully.


Lanie 🙂

P.S – another good way to surrender is calming your mind right before bed, and whispering a prayer to the Universe that goes something like ‘Dear Universe, please help me to surrender to the present moment and to life. I surrender to you now. Thank you.’ Then when you go to sleep it’s like magic…

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