The Baby Bird Story

When I was sixteen, I found myself in a hospital in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a broken arm. I had flipped an ATV while racing down the beach with my cousins, and was now staring up at an x-ray of my fractured right humerus. Upon evaluating the x-rays, the doctors discovered a benign bone tumor caused by a rare, non-hereditary disease called fibrous dysplasia, that can cause one isolated bone to develop fibrous tissue where normal bone should be. The tumor had gone unnoticed up until then, and really presents no hinderance other than making my arm more prone to fracture, and slightly misshapen. Upon our return home, my arm was reset and cast in a way that exaggerated its funny shape, and when the cast came off, it was lovingly nicknamed ‘the baby bird arm’ among friends.

In high school at the time, I was less than thrilled about any attention drawn to an abnormal part of myself.  I felt bullied and wanted to hide anything that might make me different. However, since then, I’ve discovered the importance of celebrating my inner baby bird. Those parts of myself that are vulnerable, undiscovered, and prone to fracture are, when embraced rather than hidden, the parts that contribute most to my growth.

The purpose of this blog is to put energy into that growth that comes best from looking at the world through baby bird eyes.  The art of being cheerfully present and outward with vulnerability. Discussion, I’ve discovered, becomes so much deeper, fuller, richer, when I can come from a place of admitting how little I truly know. This is the notion I want to explore. I hope to celebrate childlike curiosity, find the honesty in opening up to newness and being okay with my own limitations, and harness the courage that pushes us to look out from the nest at a giant world, unsure whether we will fly or fall, and decide to jump anyway.