Winter Magic in Belgium

This winter I went through some tough times and my travel updates completely got away from me. I have been on so many wonderful trips this year and I want to account for them on the blog, so I’ve decided to go back in time and write some bite-sized mini posts on the trips I didn’t post earlier. These posts will be quick and mostly consist of photos, but that’s usually my favorite part of travel blog posts anyway, so I think we’ll be okay! 

 We were so absurdly happy in this moment.
We were so absurdly happy in this moment.

This past January, Sam and I treated ourselves to a trip we’ve been talking about since we first met. We have been obsessed with the idea of visiting Belgium, and especially the fairytale town of Bruges, for over a year, and it did not disappoint. A land of beer, chocolate, fries, and waffles honestly sounds like my personal heaven, and despite the grey weather, I distinctly remember how much happiness this trip flooded me with. There are certain trips you go on where you are completely overcome with sparkly, magical joy that seems to pour in out of nowhere. This trip was that for me. 

We went to Brussels and Bruges on a long weekend trip filled with museum visits, outdoor performance art, lots of food and lots of exploring. Here are my photos that of course, don’t do the trip justice. Enjoy them anyway, and look out for more belated updates from my travels this year!

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