Italian Spring Break

This year for Spring Break we went to Italy! I had only ever been to Rome prior to this trip, so I was looking forward to seeing Italy in a completely different way. Sam studied abroad in Verona for a year, so he was also excited to get to show me some of his favorite places. We spent the week in beautiful Lake Garda with friends, and making day trips through Bergamo, Desenzano, Venice, Verona, Sirmione, and Milan. 

 Eating ice cream bigger than our faces in Sirmione
Eating ice cream bigger than our faces in Sirmione

This trip is pretty overwhelming to attempt to summarize in words, as we went to so many places, ate SO much amazing food, and had so many once in a lifetime experiences. So I’m going to mostly go the minimalist (read: lazy) route and let the photos speak for themselves. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the trip that I didn’t cover. I hope my little trip fuels the hungry traveler’s heart and might encourage you to add a few new places to your bucket list!

Bergamo and Milan

We flew into Milan-Bergamo airport, and so many people told us we had to check out Bergamo before making our way to our destination of Lake Garda. We had stayed up all night to make this trip happen, so after climbing up the hills and eating yummy pizza, we found a patch of grass in Bergamo and napped. Bergamo was gorgeous and worth the trip despite our exhaustion, and we actually preferred it to its ritzy, high-fashion neighbor Milan.

Desenzano and Sirmione

These two precious towns by Lake Garda are among the hidden gems of Italy. We loved getting to explore these stunning, yet less touristy parts of Italy.


No caption required. Venice is a total dream.


Verona surprised me and was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was beautiful, but had the kind of cozy feel that made me think I could see myself living there. I was surprised to feel that way in a country other than my beloved Spain!

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