Burgos: the Coldest City in Spain

When you think of Spain, you might think of the beating sun, blue skies, cold sangria, and walking down cobbled streets in tank tops and sandals. That was my experience last year. This year, moving to the north has exposed me to a much different kind of Spanish life. The kind where there are four seasons, snow, and all kinds of delicious hearty food for warming your belly. Despite adjusting to the cold, we’ve loved the opportunity to see this lesser known side of Spain. To explore the north further, we planned a trip to Burgos, a city in the north of Spain’s Castilla y Leon region, and a couple hours from LogroƱo by bus. As we began talking to Spanish friends about the trip, they didn’t hesitate to warn us that it is known as the coldest city in Spain. So we packed up our warmest clothes and headed for the bitter winds of Burgos.

Luckily, the “coldest city in Spain” still is not that cold compared to other places we’ve lived, and even in the winter, there is sunshine to be found all over Spain! Exploring Burgos did mean getting extra bundled, but we were thrilled that the sun still greeted us throughout the day as we navigated enchanting streets and caught views of Burgos’ famous cathedral bathing in light. I’m glad we didn’t let the cold turn us away from exploring this gem of a city. Even in winter, it was well worth the visit!

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