Welcome, warm embrace

Pillows to feet as sea gulls bounce

Adding curves to the horizon lines

Cushion to lunar blows of pounding, drenching 

A comfortable perch, outstretched, heels digging

Toes draw smooth lines, 

Pull loose the gentle surface

That seam that aches to come undone

A melting, longing to know every crevice

The grooves behind knee caps

Cradling arched vertebrae

Like smooth stones fallen in a row

“I am soft and you are safe here”

Departure traipses can’t shake the grains that know

Wrinkle and root and fiber deep

The trouble dust that sticks tight to shaken towels,

Piles in pockets and cakes under fingernails

Walking and brushing legs the glitter draws

Halos for bare feet on concrete

And thin film turns soft skin to paper

A moment between comfort and movement

Sun awakens salt air, revealing glimpses

Of the crystallized architecture of angels

I am standing but I am still

And below me I know without seeing

A body hums in anticipated motion

And the piles gather effortlessly

Little castles on the carpet of a new life

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